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My name is Susan, and I am the face behind the recipes and posts on Carbs Matter. I have Type 2 Diabetes, and I created this blog because of how frustrating it is to find recipes that are truly low carb.

Many so-called sugar-free or low-carb recipes aren’t low carb at all. When I see one dish, whether it is the entree, side dish or dessert, that has 30 grams of carbs in it, I literally cringe. I can’t eat that many carbs in a whole day, let alone one meal.

My idea of low carb is a meal that consists of fat or oil, green or non-starchy vegetables, moderate protein, herbs and spices. I also allow a small amount of berries, such as blueberries and strawberries. I don’t eat grains, pasta, potatoes or rice, and very little dairy. I do love eggs, and I use heavy whipping cream in my coffee, with a pat of butter. It is nice and creamy, and the fat satisfies me and keeps me from being hungry. A nice sugar free dessert with a dollop of whipped cream keeps me from feeling deprived. Believe me, I never feel deprived.

I’m one of those people who doesn’t like to eat first thing in the morning. I usually fast until lunchtime, except for coffee, that is. I eat a very low carb lunch and most of my carbs at dinnertime. I try to keep my carbs limited to 30 grams per day. This seems to work best for me.

My new thing is baking sugar free desserts. That is, desserts that are low carb, sugar free, and oftentimes, gluten free. It does get confusing when searching for sugar free or gluten free recipes. I am finding that in many cases it is one or the other, not necessarily both. I need both if I want to keep the carbs low enough. The sugar, of course, is a no-no! The grains and flours turn into sugar, so that’s a no-no as well. People who are gluten intolerant aren’t necessarily sugar intolerant, I am both. I have very high insulin resistance and it doesn’t take too many carbohydrates to spike my blood sugar levels into the danger zone (higher than 140 after meals).

My plan is to post delicious and healthy recipes that are sugar free and diabetic friendly. If you have Diabetes, or if you are trying to lower your carb intake for health reasons, I hope this site can help you.


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